CBeebies Grown-ups' Site


From time to time, OneMannBrand gets commissioned by other agencies to help them out – and this was was of those times! OneMannBrand was asked to help create a set of illustrated characters and graphics for the new CBeebies Grown-ups website. Aimed at helping parents interact with the programmes their children love, the brief was to create a look and feel that the kids would enjoy but that was still easily navigable by mum & dad.

As well as some of the characters, you can also see here a concept design for the sing-a-long logotype, site icon designs and some screengrabs of the finished site which help show the vast background illustration which gives a world for the wonderful characters to live in.

CBeebies 1

CBeebies 2

CBeebies 3

CBeebies 4

CBeebies 5

CBeebies 6

CBeebies 7

CBeebies 8

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