The Cookery Theatre Co.

The Cookery Theatre Co. lease professional quality, portable kitchen stations with integral audio visual facilities for cookery demonstrations at events and in-store promotions. They wanted to change their name from 'Demo Station' and update their look.

This is the result. The roundel design combines connotations of slices of fresh produce such as tomatoes or citrus fruits with kitchenware used to produce good home-cooked food such as pastry cutters, pie dishes etc. The overall look and feel is slightly nostalgic, giving reassurance, and the fonts used indicate the creative flair of the chefs, which The Cookery Theatre Co. can also supply. Additionally the logotype was produced in several alternative colourways for different uses.

To help The Cookery Theatre Co. On their way, we also gave them a brand new brochure and signage for the vans. The new brand is friendly, warm and inviting which is exactly what Demo Station needed to attract new custom.

Helping to create a new brand is always a pleasure. It's a beautiful thing to see something fresh and exciting go out into the world. To see how well it sits in the world and how it changes and evolves over the years with its audience. It's almost like watching a child grow! If you feel it's time for a refresh or you want to create a brand for your company then give us a call and we'll ready to help your business flourish.

Cookery Theatre 1

Cookery Theatre 2

Cookery Theatre 3

Cookery Theatre 4

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