Generation M

West Yorkshire Metro

Generation M is an initiative by transport operator, West Yorkshire Metro, designed to give youngsters in West Yorkshire the skills and confidence to use public transport by themselves. It gives information about which type of tickets to buy, provides help in understanding timetables and gives general assistance on how to use buses and trains.

OneMannBrand was briefed to create a campaign which would appeal to kids of 11 years and above. It needed to be fresh and fun, but without the expense of a heavy photoshoot or illustrations. The graphics had to be flexible enough to be carried across press, web, posters, billboards, bus sides, events banners, leaflets and even a dedicated 'Metroville' room in Bradford's brand new YMCA building.

OneMannBrand was responsible for designing and sourcing furnishings and graphics for the room which featured cityscape graphics on the blinds, cardboard cut-outs of the characters and even chair fabric of the type used on buses and trains. In addition we created the work books used by the kids, plus animations in the same style which were used online. Check out the GEN M site for more info:

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