We don't want to blow our own trumpets (OK we do!) but we reckon we're pretty good at illustration. As you'll see, we can cater for any style from isographics and technical illustrations to cartoon characters, fantasy illustrations or anything in between. We've provided illustrations for posters, brochures, technical manuals, posters, advertisements, website material, corporate literature, packaging design and even book jackets, comics and record covers.

Work: Illustration


Technical Illustration

Here are several examples of our more technical illustrations, including some isographics and some simply technical in style.

Bart Trains

Bart Trains - graphic design

Bold striking images for leaflets, posters and more. These images used individual colours to help separate the differing subjects.


CBeebies - Grown-ups' site illustration

OneMannBrand were asked to help create great new visuals for the CBeebies website.

Mortgage Talk

Mortgage Talk

Mortgage Talk commissioned this lively illustration for use on an internal communications poster as an alternative to a regular flow chart.