Mann Island Apartments

OneMannBrand was commissioned to help create imagery for Liverpool's new Mann Island apartments (No relation). Intensive planning and retouching gave us the ability to make Liverpool's twenty-somethings float effortlessly in mid air and walk on walls.

Bright, colorful and imaginative; these images really stand out next to all the usual imagery that you'd normally associate with everyday apartment photography – and rightly so. The building itself has quickly become a landmark and it was our job to help create something as inspiring to grab attention.

Mann Island quickly became one of the 'fastest-filled' apartment blocks in Liverpool and we were more than happy to help.

We're happy to help whether you need a full campaign or just a photoshoot. OneMannBrand works with some of the best photographers around and we love the challenge of creating images which will capture the essence of your company. Give us a call and we’ll make a start on your next big showpiece.

Mann Island 1

Mann Island 2

Mann Island 3

Mann Island 4

Mann Island 5

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