All about OneMannBrand

OneMannBrand is serious about producing creative campaigns that get results. Founded in 2005 by Creative Director, Lawrence Mann, we're a team of experienced and talented creatives with a great pedigree. You may not have heard our name before, but we guarantee that you'll know our clients - Metro, BBC, Johnston Press, Treyn Holidays, Barbie, Burberry... Plus award-winning campaigns we've created for clients whilst at previous agencies, clients such as Sony, Nokia, Yamaha, BT, ASDA, HBOS, Fat Face, PC World Business... You get the picture!

Professional work produced by professionals

Whatever your requirements, from a total brand overhaul to virals, TV ads, direct mail, corporate literature, websites, press ads, posters, catalogues and brochures, animations or illustrations, when you commission OneMannBrand you're assured of a professional job, produced by professionals. Every person working for us has at least 10 years' experience in their particular area of expertise, so to coin a phrase, you can be confident that you'll always be working with organ grinders, not monkeys.


Our clients choose us not only because we produce work of an exceptional standard at very reasonable rates, but also because we tell it like it is. If we don’t think something's a good idea or your budget could be better spent, we'll say so. But we'll also work hard to develop an alternative that more than meets your needs.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us for an informal chat about how we could help your business.

P.S. We know that we're good, but if you want proof, why not read some of our testimonials?

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What we do best is...
Whatever's best for your business

Our unique way of working means that we are able to offer a wide range of services, from brochures, leaflets, posters, newsletters, catalogues, flyers, direct mail, packaging design, TV adverts, website design and build, photography, exhibition graphics, corporate stationery, animations for websites or corporate videos, website advertisements, email communications, viral games, illustrations, public relations, print... You name it, we can do it.

We believe in making your marketing budget work as hard as it can. That means taking the time to get to know your product or service inside out and getting under the skin of your target audience. This way, we can deliver creative, effective campaigns that not only get your company noticed, but provide a great return on your investment. After all, it's no good having an advert that everyone remembers, but nobody acts on. What you want are results!

Advertising and design

Great visuals + great copy + relevant audience = great advertising response.

Simple mathematics, but let's face it, maths isn't everyone's forte. That's why you’ll see some very poor advertising about. TV adverts that force you to change channel, billboard posters that make you cringe, press ads and leaflets with such poor design, spelling and punctuation that they're only fit for the cat's litter tray. We're not going to name and shame, but you know which ones we're talking about!

At OneMannBrand we're only in the business of creating great ads, whether offline or online.

  • Adverts that resonate with the target audience.
  • Adverts that have meaning.
  • Adverts that feature amazing photography, unique illustrations, memorable headlines and persuasive body copy...

Adverts that make customers call, click, visit and buy.

Want a taster of our capabilities? Just visit our work section.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing takes many forms, from mail packs, to leaflets, flyers, catalogues, direct response TV ads, website banner ads etc. Whatever your preference, we have the know-how and the talent to make it work effectively for you. Our team has a solid DM background and has created successful collateral for some of the biggest brands around. So if you want a campaign that will generate a positive response, pick up the phone and call us today.

Exhibition Stands

You've paid for the stand space. Now make it work for you! Why settle for a hessian box when you can attract potential clients with clever visuals, eye-catching graphics and a stand designed to engage visitors and draw them in.

We are old hands at exhibition and graphic design. We know what will work for you, what won't and the limitations we'll need to work within. So why not let OneMannBrand loose on your stand design? You’ll be very glad you did.


If you're seeking a strong brand identity, please pull up a chair. Branding is about so much more than a logo - although that's very important too. The choice of images, logos, typefaces and colour all play a part in conveying what your company's about. For instance bright orange has often come to signify budget brands; navy blue is often associated with professional services; a particular shade of purple brings to mind a certain brand of chocolate.

A logo might seem like a small element, but getting it right ensures that you give the right first impression to your customers. Our experts design logotypes which are instantly recognisable and sit comfortably with your business type and business ethics. We make sure that they will translate seamlessly across all types of media, in colour, black and white and greyscale and at all sizes.

We recognise that sometimes you'll use several different suppliers, so as a part of our branding service we'll always issue a Brand Guidelines document to ensure your brand integrity is kept intact.

Click here to see examples of our branding work.


"Good game, good game..."

All companies are expected to have an internet presence nowadays. But given the billions of sites out there in the World Wide Web, you need to do something a little bit different to stand out from the crowd. Younger audiences in particular can't resist playing online games - and sending them on to their mates.

Why not take a look at a couple of the interactive games we developed? This will give you an idea of what's possible. Games can be as detailed or as simple as you like, but one thing's for sure, a good game will get your company noticed.

We can also help boost your company's online profile with cheeky viral videos that will get you noticed. Let's face it - there's no point having a brilliant website if nobody is looking at it.

If gaming's not your thing, we're also highly proficient in producing effective emails, newsletters, banner ads and of course websites. We'll do as little or as much as you require. If you just want us to do the design that's absolutely fine, but don't forget that we can provide the copy too.


We love animation! And, even if we say it ourselves, we're pretty damn good at it. Animation adds interest to corporate videos, can be used to illustrate and simplify complex information, can inject humour to a dry subject or is a refreshing alternative for a music video.

We work closely with our clients to provide concepts and storyboards (and scripts where required) which fit perfectly with a particular promotion or internal communication. Then our illustrators and animators set to work to bring the whole thing to life.

We work primarily in 2D, but use 3D to accent our work. To see some of our recent animation projects, please click here.

Corporate Videos & TV Ads

If you're looking for a corporate video that's a little different, then OneMannBrand is the ideal choice. We can bring even the most pedestrian of subjects to life through our talented animators. We've even created animated characters for TV advertisements. Not only is this a more novel approach to advertising, it also avoids fees for models and actors and means that amends can be made quickly and easily.

Motors Today gained serious results with their television ad which you can see here and West Yorkshire Metro's Viral video showed that saving C02 gave them an abundance of hits to their website!

Our professional illustrators and copywriters can script and storyboard anything from a short ad to a corporate video, so why not contact us today to see how we can help?


We believe that the style of an illustration should be dictated by the audience that receives it, rather than the illustrator creating it. That's the fundamental difference between 'art' and 'design'.

Our designers are also talented illustrators, able to illustrate in a variety of different styles dependent upon the nature of the job and our clients' target audiences. Take a look at our work section to see some examples. We can create anything from isometric drawings to technical drawings, vector illustrations, poster illustrations, maps, character development and illustration, diagrams or illustrations for brochures, leaflets, catalogues and websites.


We work with some of the best photographers in the business. Some specialise in close-up studio shots, others in room sets, others in commercial exteriors, yet others in fashion shoots. Who we select to work with us is dependent on the type of shots you're looking for. Our art directors will always provide detailed scamps/ visuals for client approval, will oversee any set building or styling and will be there for the duration of the shoot to ensure we get the shots we agreed.

Here's a great example of our photographic skills, which gave Mann Island apartments in Liverpool the fresh feel they'd been searching for. Click here to see the images OneMannBrand made for them.