Eleni - BBC

I have always found OneMannBrand full of enthusiasm and ideas, the communication is great as is the standard of work. I would definitely recommend using OneMannBrand.
WY Metro

Joanna - Metro

OneMannBrand has a passion for design and creativity. Always well researched and well executed, their work reflects a true willingness to get involved with a project, meet with us and present work. Last minute requests for amends and new executions are never too much trouble.
VR Software

Andrew - VR Software

OneMannBrand are incredible. Whatever the project, whatever its size, they put the right team together and deliver!! When I need something creative and something good, they're the guys I call.
Rubicon Group

Pawlo - Rubicon Group

OneMannBrands experience, professionalism, creativity and an ability to fully grasp our requirements was invaluable. So much so that it allowed us to cost effectively compete with our competition at the highest level.

Graham - Strident Publishing

OneMannBrand has a rare - and invaluable - knack of being able to strike exactly the right note first time with their designs. This can only come from the combination of a formidable talent and a shrewd understanding of the material and its market. The work has taken our collective breaths away – from the first preparatory sketch to the final versions which were beyond our expectations.

Andrew - Tuna Games

Within days of coming on board, OneMannBrand had created a bunch of ideas that gave Channel 4 the confidence, and crucially, hit the mark with a sample group from our target market. Throughout the project OneMannBrand was a source of inspiration, and being able to rely on Lawrence to deliver - both in terms of deadlines and quality - was a huge benefit.

John & Rosalyn

Nothing is ever too much trouble for OneMannBrand and they jump into action quickly to produce very good results which is something that Rosalyn and I appreciate, especially when we have tight deadlines to meet.