2+ Lane Campaign

Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Metro & WYCarshare.com

Working together; Bradford City Council, West Yorkshire Metro and WYCarshare.com worked hard to ease congestion on the always busy Tong Street. To help communicate the benefits of a 2+ lane in Bradford, OneMannBrand created a strikingly simple concept based on highway signage that would naturally attract the eye of the driver.

The advertising worked around the core principle that driving in twos gives you that little bit of extra time to do whatever you'd like. For instance, you could spend the extra seven minutes in bed or enjoying a morning cuppa before you enjoy a chat whilst on your way to work!

The campaign was an instant success and Tong Street is now one of the best ways into Bradford City centre.

Campaigns like this are our bread & butter. We thrive on the kind of challenge that communicates the simplest of messages and we promise you that whatever we create will never be run of the mill. Give us a call and we'll help you create a campaign that will work it's way effortlessly to your audience.

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