A Unique Way of Working

Creative talent without the creative price tag

Quick question: If you wanted to buy a new laptop and you went to two stores - both had exactly the same make and model, but one was considerably more expensive because the store was in the city centre - which laptop would you buy? The answer is simple; nobody wants to pay over the odds when they can get the same thing for a lower price.

It's the same when it comes to employing a creative agency. Why pay extortionate fees to cover extensive offices in city centres, flash cars or dozens of staff (most of which won’t have anything to do with your work)? All you should really be paying for is experience, talent and the time taken to do the job - and that's all you’ll get charged for when you work with us.


At OneMannBrand we provide creative talent without the creative price tag. Every one of our team has previously been employed at some of the UK's leading advertising and marketing agencies and has produced work for very well-known household names across all sectors and disciplines.

We're unique in that we're able to hand-pick a bespoke team of creative professionals whose skill-sets and experience match your requirements. This means that we can deliver anything from a smaller project to a full-blown multinational campaign. Online, Below-the-Line or Through-the-Line, you can be confident that we’ll create effective and powerful communications aimed at building your brand and helping your business to grow.

After a quick peek at our work, why not contact us today to see how we can help your business?

Let's show you what's so unique!

Why not watch our short animated video? It will give you a feel for who we are, how we operate and why it makes sense to use our services. And because we wrote, illustrated and animated it you’ll be able to see exactly why so many people trust us with their campaigns.

how does this affect you?

We're sure by now that you can see the benefits. Our simple process is shaped to make sure that you get what you want, at the quality you want, for the price you want. And as our little animation shows – it's that straightforward. So drop us a line and see what we can do for you.